Construction Process

It includes full disclosure ,third party inspection and timely completion.

Building construction steps

Stage –I


  1. Site preparation for levelling
  2. Site survey and layout
  3. Excavation and PCC
  4. Foundation

Stage –II


  1. Plinth beam
  2. Back feeling
  3. Superstructure
  4. Stairs and lift or elevator
  5. Floor or roof slab

        Stage –III


  1. Masonry work
  2. The lintel above doors and window opening
  3. Electrical conducting  and plumbing pipes
  4. Doors and window frame

        Stage –IV

  1. Internal plaster work
  2. Prepaid and front elevation work
  3. External plaster work
  4. Roof waterproofing and finishing

 Stage –V

  1. Internal finishing 
  2. False ceiling
  3. Wall putty
  4. Flooring and kitchen platform
  5. Door and window shutter for point
  6. Electrical work
  7. Painting work
  8. Electrical and plumbing fixtures
  9. Woodwork
  10. Cleaning and final touch
  11. Solar Power Projects


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Simply excellent ! I am sitting in US and am able to build my house without any problem in Greater Noida. I can check all the developments

Raj Kumar Singh

Architect at IBM , New York ,US


I was fed with following up with contractor who frequently misled me about materials , compositions ,quality etc. and last but not least timely completion was not a bad word . I switched over to LTP people and they get it completed timely and very cost effective manner.

Sunil Sharma 

Businessman , Noida


Our Team consists of 400+ professionals such as Architects , Structure Building experts , Interiors Designers ,Accountants and technical &  management experts from  IIT & IIM respectively.